Information and resources for residents

On this page you can find some practical information about living in 20:20 House. Use the links below to go to the relevant section.


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A map of the site is available below, showing the location of cycle storage, refuse bins, fire exits etc.

Map of the 20:20 House development site(PDF, 188Kb)


Your Address

Work out your address

Your address will be:

Flat Number XXX
Twenty Twenty House

To work out your postcode, look at the list below:

Flat number Postcode
1 - 72 LS7 1BB
73 - 129 LS7 1BD
130 - 192 LS7 1BE
193 - 242 LS7 1BF

Postcode/Delivery Enquiries:

Royal Mail - 08457 740 740

NB: As the building is new it may not be recognised on some Sat Nav systems. The postcode LS2 7QN may be used.

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Car Parking

Car parking arrangements at 2020 House

Please do not park in a space which is not allocated to you. Clamping is in operation at the development.

On-street parking is available on Millwright Street.

Vehicles and contents are left entirely at owners risk.

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Take security seriously

To preserve the security of the building, please ensure any visitors close the entrance doors fully and ensure the locks engage.

DO NOT buzz anyone you don’t know into the building. Criminals have been known to randomly buzz people’s apartments saying it is a pizza delivery and another tenant is not answering so can you please let them in.

DO NOT leave items of value like Sat Nav systems, MP3 players and laptops on display in your car. Sat Nav cradles and ‘suction marks’ should also be removed.

West Yorkshire Police can be contacted on:

Emergency - 999

Non Emergency - 101

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Meter Readings

Meter Readings available on request

To preserve health and safety, electric and water meters are not accessible to the public. To request a meter reading, please e-mail: or call 0113 88 002 88

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Building faults

Repairs should be reported to your letting agent

Report any problems within your apartment to your letting agent.

If you experience a problem with the communal facilities or areas, please e-mail or call 0113 88 002 88

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Fire and fire safety

Fire and fire safety

There are certain simple precautions you should always take to minimise the risk of fire in your home.

Electrical Safety

  • Minimise the risks of electrical fires, unplug appliances that aren't in use and never overload adaptors with too many plugs.
  • Test smoke alarms regularly

Heaters, Candles and Smoking

  • Be careful with heaters, candles and smoking
  • Never cover heaters, for example by draping washing over them
  • Never leave burning candles unattended
  • Never leave matches where children may find them
  • Never empty a hot ashtray into the bin - wet the contents first or wait until it's completely cold
  • Never smoke in bed
  • Smoking bins are provided at the front and rear of the building

Escape Route

  • Plan a fire escape route
  • Familiarise yourself with emergency exits

No smoking is allowed in communal areasIt is against the law to smoke within internal communal areas of 2020 House

Fire Prevention within 2020 House

  • DO NOT wedge open corridor doors. These must be closed to stop fire spreading
  • DO NOT tamper with any fire detectors or fire appliances
  • DO NOT store items such as bikes or pushchairs in communal corridors or stairways
  • REPORT suspicious behaviour which may lead to a fire to the police

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Bins are collected on a Friday

Communal bins are located at the rear of the building. There are three bin stores, if one is full, please use an alternative.

DO NOT leave rubbish outside of the bins. This is classed as fly tipping and you may be prosecuted.

Bins are emptied on a Friday by Leeds City Council.

Recycling - Bins for paper, plastic and cans are located in the B1 bin store. Please squash all items to help us recycle more! ALL BOXES MUST BE FOLDED.

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